Aypa Power acquires 'Yadkins' Energy Storage Project in Virginia

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As a Blackstone portfolio company and a pioneer in energy storage, Aypa has a proven track record of financing, developing, owning, and operating MW-scale battery storage and renewable energy projects.

With a holistic approach to distributed energy, we deliver flexible solutions that provide reliable and sustainable electricity at a lower cost than conventional solutions. We develop turnkey behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter standalone energy storage systems, as well as hybrid systems pairing renewables and other forms of generation with energy storage. 

Working closely with our diverse range of partners, we structure our products to each project’s unique regulatory, financial, and environmental requirements. We also work with private landowners to host renewable and energy storage projects, helping to reduce carbon emissions while improving the lives of people in our local communities. 

Drawing from our wealth of financial, technical and operational expertise, we create new structures with an open approach to co-development and M&A opportunities. 

With our industry-leading expertise and an unwavering dedication to results, Aypa can manage even the most complex projects from concept to completion. As a project developer, owner and operator, we are committed to prioritizing your business needs, while creating the robust, diverse and sustainable grid of the future.

Our Mission

Aypa is committed to building tomorrow’s electricity grid – enabling universal access to abundant, clean, and reliable energy.

With renewables and electric vehicles changing the way we live and move, our intelligent and highly-customized energy storage systems improve grid reliability, facilitate the deployment of clean energy, and help to power a new generation of electric transport.

Our mission is to provide our partners with creative turnkey solutions that create new growth opportunities, deliver more energy at a lower cost, and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. With our scalable platform and a technology-agnostic approach, we optimize existing systems, integrate new ones, and deliver reliable energy storage systems that you can depend on for decades to come.

As a combined developer, owner, and operator of behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter standalone energy storage and renewable hybrid projects, we have the unique ability to design customized systems that require no capital outlay and cause no disruption to existing operations. Our comprehensive solutions encompass a broad range of applications, from tailored commercial and industrial systems, to grid-scale projects for utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives.

With an experienced team of passionate, dedicated, and forward-thinking individuals, Aypa has firmly established itself as a leading developer of energy storage and renewable hybrid projects across North America. We work alongside our partners for the long term and utilize the latest technology to suit every unique application – from distributed energy and microgrids, to utility-scale projects that benefit entire communities.

Together, we can revolutionize the way we power our communities.