Aypa Power Finances ‘Wolf Tank’ Energy Storage Project in Texas

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Commercial & Industrial

Intelligent energy storage and generation systems for every type of enterprise – giving you greater energy security while reducing costs

With demand charges representing a significant portion of your electricity bills, an energy storage system can reduce your peak load, demand charges, and provide valuable backup power – all while maintaining business as usual.

We design our intelligent battery systems to meet the needs of our commercial, industrial, and institutional partners – as well as municipalities and co-operatives. Just as every facility and operation is different, our solutions are customized to address your unique energy and resiliency needs.

Our battery storage systems seamlessly charge and discharge to reduce peaks and lower electricity costs without impacting your operations. They can improve power quality, combat voltage sags that can trip sensitive equipment, and provide backup power during grid interruptions. Our integrated systems also store energy directly from on-site renewable generation – creating a new pathway to reduce your carbon footprint.

We strive to make energy storage available to every enterprise, and we provide a unique turn-key solution that requires no capital outlay and no operational experience from you. With our system in place, you immediately benefit from cheaper, more reliable power – and can continue your daily operations without interruption.

Standalone Storage

Our standalone battery storage systems provide an effective behind-the-meter storage solution that reduces electricity costs, optimizes consumption, and ensures you always maintain a reliable flow of power. 

Controlled by our intelligent operations platform, batteries charge when power prices are low and discharge when power prices are high – ensuring your facility is powered by the cheapest and cleanest electricity available. Our energy storage systems are also designed to peak shave and reduce your peak electricity demand, provide instantaneous demand response, improve power quality by minimizing voltage fluctuations, and provide back up during grid outages.

Solar & Storage

For many people around the world, the combination of solar and storage is now the cheapest and most reliable way to access clean, sustainable energy. Our storage technology transforms intermittent renewable generation into a dispatchable resource – ensuring that you can access the power of the sun, day or night. 

Solar and storage systems not only provide silent, emission-free energy generation; they also introduce a host of flow-on benefits such as backup power, load shifting, voltage management, and demand response functionality. 

Our customized systems can significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and help you to meet your sustainability goals while reducing costs and improving the resiliency of your operations.


We believe clean, reliable energy should be available to everyone – and our advanced microgrids help to reduce energy costs and improve the quality of supply for communities and companies that need it most. 

Our turn-key solutions are customized based on your needs. We combine renewable energy and/or conventional generation with advanced battery storage systems, intelligent microgrid controllers, and a management platform that optimizes energy consumption. 

Microgrids enable our partners to take control of their energy supply, significantly reduce their reliance on fossil-fuels – and benefit from greater energy independence.

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