Aypa Power Secures $550 Million Portfolio Financing for Borden County and Cald Battery Storage Projects

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From concept to completion and anywhere in between, we can work with you to accelerate the development of your next renewable, hybrid, or standalone energy storage project.


Aypa offers exciting partnership opportunities for developers of renewable, hybrid, and standalone energy storage projects and microgrids.

We offer structured solutions customized to your project or portfolio’s financial objectives and risk profile – and can assist at any stage of the development cycle.

Whether your project is in development, shovel ready, operational, or part of a mixed portfolio, we can provide:

  • Operational support to accelerate your project development
  • Co-development partnerships on single projects or entire portfolios
  • Flexible capital to seed emerging opportunities
  • Coordination and support of future project and pipeline buy-outs

We understand that every energy project is different, with many financial, regulatory, safety, and environmental factors that need to be considered.

By working with Aypa, you benefit from our wealth of industry knowledge and financial capacity – and you can leverage our expertise and flexible capital to maximize your pipeline’s potential.

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