Aypa Power Secures $550 Million Portfolio Financing for Borden County and Cald Battery Storage Projects

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Partnership Opportunities

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Would you like to increase revenue from your underutilized or vacant property?

Aypa works with urban and rural landowners to host renewable energy and storage projects, either as standalone battery installations or hybrid systems that pair batteries with renewable solar and/or wind generation. You can transform brownfield industrial sites, former landfills, or underutilized agricultural land into profit centers that guarantee reliable, long-term income.

Our flexible partnership opportunities are tailored to align with each landowner’s needs and interests, and can be structured to maximize upfront payments or to deliver 20+ year annuity streams. Installations can range from standalone batteries on footprints as small as half and acre to hybrid systems on sites spanning more than 2,000 acres. Opportunities also include property acquisition and/or alternative leasing structures.

As the project owner and operator, Aypa covers all project costs, including the installation, maintenance, property taxes, and removal of the system at the end of your lease – enabling you to re-purpose the land for further use.

Together, we can create a unique project that benefits you, your local community, and the environment.


Aypa offers exciting partnership opportunities for developers of renewable, hybrid, and standalone energy storage projects.

We offer structured solutions customized to your project or portfolio’s financial objectives and risk profile – and can assist at any stage of the development cycle.

Whether your project is in development, shovel ready, operational, or part of a mixed portfolio, Aypa can provide:

  • Operational support to accelerate project development
  • Co-development partnerships on single projects or entire portfolios
  • Flexible capital to seed emerging opportunities
  • Coordination and support of future project and pipeline buy-outs

Mergers & Aquisitions

As a Blackstone portfolio company – one of the world’s largest alternative investment firms – Aypa is supported by a wealth of institutional capital and deep financial and capital markets expertise.

Our ability to close an acquisition, and deliver projects to market, separates us from companies that struggle to push opportunities forward when faced with credit and capital challenges. We provide flexible capital while maintaining an open approach to structuring partnerships, joint ventures, project ownership, co-development, and buy-out opportunities.

With an investor that has owned many gigawatts of uncontracted generation, we can underwrite merchant and contracted revenues for both behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter projects, including standalone storage, storage plus renewable generation, and storage paired with conventional generation sources.

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