Aypa Power Secures $550 Million Portfolio Financing for Borden County and Cald Battery Storage Projects

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Benefit from decades of additional income while providing cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable energy in your local community.


Would you like to generate additional income from your underutilized or vacant property?

Aypa works with landowners to host renewable energy and storage projects, taking the form of either a battery storage installation, or integrated systems including battery storage paired with renewable solar and/or wind generation including solar panel arrays.

Leasing your land to host an energy project is a rewarding experience with a multitude of advantages:

  • You benefit from an attractive, fixed payment structure that guarantees reliable long-term income – and accelerates the deployment of renewable energy in your local area.
  • We design the system to meet your existing land use and development plans – working carefully within all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  • We manage the entire project from beginning to end, including all permits, environmental studies, engineering, electrical connections, construction, and commissioning.
  • We adhere to local and industry-specific reliability and safety standards.
  • You can transform an underutilized parking lot, roof space, or adjacent land into an income-generating profit center by hosting a secure energy system that produces zero waste and requires only a minimal footprint.

As the project owner and operator, Aypa covers all project costs, including the installation, maintenance, and removal of the system at the end of your lease – enabling you to re-purpose the land for further use.

We offer a flexible range of landowner partnerships, which can also include property acquisition or alternative leasing structures. Together, we can create a unique project that benefits you, your local community – and the environment.

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